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Bexley, OH! Written & Performed by Prudence at NY Theatre Workshop

absorbing … the … hero of these two stories is Ms.Holmes herself, who, in her version of things, was born a subversive and managed to grow up in this stifling household unmarked [by] its values. You're on her side...
- New York Times

… you're in the hands of a master storyteller … she is clearly a performer to watch …  - Associated Press

a grotesquely funny portrait of a society in decay ...
- The NY Post

… it's clear she has a gift for understated character comedy. - Variety

Holmes’ performance is as smooth and affectless as the plains of the state from which she hails. She is a likable and trustworthy narrator. - NY

Holmes does not captivate her listeners with grand theatrics, but patiently engages them with a carefully woven narrative, gently told and brimming with telling details.-

engaging ... successful ... curious and affecting …  - Backstage

… Holmes is an affable storyteller with a low-key delivery …  - Time Out

Poor Pitiful Pittsburgh at Ben Gross Supper Club

“You have to see Ms. Holmes to believe her. All of 87 pounds soaking wet, she brings down the house with several renditions.” - The Pittsburgh Post Gazette

The Crucible at WPI Theatre

“Prudence Wright Holmes as Elizabeth Proctor is made of sturdy stuff. Small and fragile though she may be, her honesty and sincerity draw deep sympathy for her plight. Ms. Holmes performance is incandescent.” - The Greenwich News

A Member of the Wedding at the Virginia Museum Theatre

“Frankie is an exposed nerve of girlhood. Ms. Holmes achieved a transcendent complexity that was beautiful.” - The Richmond News Leader

Eccentricities of a Nightingale at the Westchester Regional Theatre

“There’s a very fine bit by Prudence Wright Holmes as Rosemary, the pathetic outcast in the literary circle.” - The New York Times

Dona Rosita at The West Side Arts Theatre

“Prudence Wright Holmes is outstanding” - Backstage

The Drunkard at the Springfield Dinner Theatre

“Prudence Wright Holmes does a great job in three roles. Her transition from a meek mother to a bawdy bargirl is the mark of a good actress and she is excruciatingly funny as the ribald high roller who bats her eyelashes, swivels her hips and gives the audience the come-on.” - The Columbus Dispatch

Dirty Work at the Crossroads-at the Showboat Theatre

“One to watch for is Prudence Holmes who brings the house down with her song about the girl sold artificial flowers” - The Stanford Times

Personal Appearance at the Carousel Dinner Theatre

“Some of the biggest explosions of applause go to Prudence Wright Holmes as the star-struck neighbor” - The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Polly at the Chelsea Theatre at BAM

“A winning performance by Prudence Wright Holmes as the idiotic maid.” - The NY Daily News

Happy End Martin Beck Theatre, Broadway

“Prudence Wright Holmes as the Salvation Army Sister was very good.” - The NY Daily News

The Portable Pioneer and Prairie Show at the First Chicago Center

“Holmes is a musical comedy natural, and she possesses the added advantage of a unique stage personality. She’s a comic soprano, which is to say she makes a lot of wonderful noises, many of them musical, of the kind only a flexible, funny singer can even attempt. She also moves like a marionette on gummy strings, no small achievement.” - The Chicago Reader

WMKS Where Music Kills Sorrow at the Fulton Opera House

“Prudence Wright Holmes as the tough but nurturing Alma Carroll is nothing short of captivating. She makes the audience roar with delight at her high-pitched singing and brings them to tears when she risks her life for those she cares about the most.” - The Lancaster News

“Prudence Wright Holmes stands out as Alma. Ms. Holmes looks as if she were living in the 1930s. She takes the stage with that Depression-era beaten-down-but-by-God-not-out that reminds me of the women in Walker Evan’s WPA photographs. She maintains the illusion through a superb two-and-a-half hours of acting.”- The Nashua News