Solo Shows

Four Great Solo Shows Written and Performed by Prudence Wright Holmes

The Secrets of a Mockingbird

Harper Lee, author of To Kill a Mockingbird, was of one of America’s most beloved but reclusive authors. In this  solo show, we learn of her close relationships with her father and her childhood friend,Truman Capote, until they both broke her heart. She never wrote another book. Until she did.

Agatha is Missing

Ace Detective, Miss Clarissa Marbles interrogates the audience as she tries to get to the bottom of the real-life disappearance of Agatha Christie in 1926. Gunshots ring out, screams are heard in the night and a rollicking good time is had by all in this fun-filled interactive murder mystery.

Willa Cather Her Life and Loves

Willa Cather, Pulitzer Prize-winning author, led a fascinating life during a time when women seldom had the opportunity to do so. Prudence Wright Holmes’ solo show takes us on her journey, from transgender teenager in 1880’s Nebraska, through college and her years as drama critic at the Pittsburgh Daily Leader, editor at McClure’s magazine, and successful author, through to her death in 1947. Cather met well-known writers like Theodore Dreiser and Mark Twain, and became part of the muckraking journalism movement which helped expose corrupt business practices in large corporations and led to anti-trust legislation. Her book “One of Ours” was her first best seller. It won a Pulitzer Prize, opening many doors for Cather and led to continued professional success for the rest of her life.

Bexley Oh!

Growing up in the epicenter of Nixon country is difficult for the hippie radical daughter of right wing parents whose world is turned upside down when their maid becomes a civil rights activist.